Micro USB To USB-C Adapter

Charge your USB Type-C device via a standard Micro USB charging cable with the Olixar Micro USB to USB-C Adapter.
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Converts your existing Micro USB cable to USB-C

 Convert your existing Micro USB cables and connectors to USB-C (USB Type-C) with the Olixar Micro USB to USB-C Adapter. Ensure your collection of Micro USB cables are compatible with the latest USB-C devices. 

Use existing Micro USB cables and chargers

This handy Micro USB to USB-C adapter lets you connect a cable or charger with a Micro USB connector to any USB-C compatible device.

This allows you to use existing Micro USB charges and sync cables, connect to mains or in-car chargers or connect to your PC or Mac with a USB cable to transfer data.

Aluminium shell adds resilience for peace of mind

One of the most important things about an adapter like this one is resilience - you don't want your adapter getting damaged, for example, or warping during use. The Olixar Micro USB to USB-C adapter is built with a high-grade solid aluminium shell, ensuring that damage is kept to an absolute minimum.

Charge and Sync compatible

Not only charge your device, synchronise data as well between your computer and your USB-C device. Transfer photos, videos and backup data from your USB-C phone or tablet to ensure your media and files are in a safe place.

Small size lets you take it with you anywhere

This adapter is incredibly small and compact, so you can take it with you anywhere you take your USB-C device.

Perfect for converting Micro USB power banks to USB-C

Use your existing power banks and emergency chargers that feature a built-in Micro USB connection and convert them to USB-C with this adapter by Olixar. Breathing new life into your older Micro USB charging accessories, you can be sure that the Olixar Micro USB To USB-C Adapter will add additional compatibility to your power banks.

Tested to be compliant with USB-A to USB-C standards

This cable has been tested to be compliant with the USB-A to USB-C standard. Non-compliant cables can attempt to draw as much as 3 amps (3A), which could potentially damage connected equipment when they are not compatible with this high power output. 

Don't take the risk, as the Olixar USB-C Charging Cable has been tested to ensure it's compliant with USB-A to USB-C standards, featuring the required 56kΩ resistor necessary to protect your devices.

Find out more on our blog post: Looking for USB-C compliant cables? Here’s how we test ours.

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